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The fonv gym ball holder that helps create a professional exercise space

It is a storage-type gym ball holder that can effectively store items necessary for exercise,

such as various straps, equipment springs, and small tools used in Pilates centers and gyms.

Create a unique space with fonv's gym ball holder, which can create a cleaner and more professional center atmosphere.

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.fonv Gym Ball Holder
It is a product only for fonv that has received technology and design patents.

After research and effort to create a product that users need, we have produced the fonv gym ball holder.

It satisfies users who enjoy various exercises, creates a neat exercise space to increase exercise concentration, and

even creates a professional space.


Stable storage of various sizes of gym balls

The hole in the part where the gym ball is mounted is made wide in the vertical direction so that

various sizes of gym balls that vary from person to person can be stored stably.

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Various uses of the gymball holder

The fonv gym ball holder can be used in various ways, such as storing gym balls, storing towels, stretching bands, and

springs. It guarantees high utilization for home gym users, fitness centers, and Pilates center users.

Create a tidy workout space
Increase exercise concentration and create a professional space

The fonv gym ball holder helps to increase exercise concentration by storing exercise props to create a neat exercise space.

It also prevents the wall from looking stuffy and enables professional space design.

How to install and use

​*Must be installed by self-installation, and if necessary, you can utilize the enclosed name tag.



 Use a hand drill to install the gimbal holder to the wall.


Firmly screw in the accessories of the selected option into the holes.


Stretching bands or springs can be stored in the installed handle.


Size / cm


*There may be differences in color depending on the resolution of the monitor or mobile device and the model used.

* The size of the product may have a tolerance of 1 to 3 cm depending on the measurement method.

​*If the packaging of the product is damaged, it cannot be exchanged or returned.

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A. Ring type

This piece is used to fix the gym ball holder to the wooden board wall.

​*The default piece is a wooden piece.

If you want to use concrete pieces or plaster pieces, please purchase and use them additionally.

*When the handle type option is selected, 1 handle (1 set) is provided.

(Comming soon)

Storage type options
B. Handle type

*Please select and purchase the option you need from the following.

 ​Handle option for easy storage of springs.

*This is a single-piece option,

and 3 wooden pieces (1 set) are provided.

If you need a separate piece suitable for the installation environment other than the basic piece,

please purchase and use the piece below.

This piece is used to fix the gym ball holder to the concrete wall.

This piece is used to fix the gym ball stand to the plaster wall.

Piece options
A. Piece for wooden wall
Piece for concrete wall
Piece for
plaster wall

This is a handle option that is easy to store various exercise accessories such as straps, bands, and towels.

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