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Focusing on invisible values is consideration for people.

The identity of .fonv starts after the period.

Fonv's full brand name is “focusing on invisible values”; In other words, it means thinking about and considering even the smallest and trivial details. The logo of .fonv, which starts after the period, signifies the beginning of a new fitness device that is original and extraordinary.

User-centered Pilates equipment

that solves familiar inconveniences

Innovation of Pilates equipment considering the user.

.fonv has found a problem that has been taken for granted and solves the user's inconvenience with a completely new perspective.

Finding and solving problems that users have not been aware of is what we call innovation.


.fonv is the most  complete

Pilates equipment, providing the

best experience for all users

Researching user behavior, designing user experience,

and aesthetically implementing these values.

Putting maximized functions into an optimized design

and implementing them in the most beautiful way.

These are the design values .​​fonv pursues.

22-09-14_949_보정본 _f.jpg

The beginning of ultimate change, Pilates

.fonv believes that Pilates is the most delicate and honest exercise.

Pilates, which began as a rehabilitation treatment, completes the

learner's ultimate body change and healthy lifestyle under the careful guidance of experts.

Positive change that starts with a healthy body is the original value of Pilates.

.fonv will be with you to spread the true value of Pilates.


Work in Progress

22-09-14_949_보정본 _f2.jpg


Makes different,
Professional Line of .fonv

.fonv reinvents Pilates equipment.

.fonv has enhanced the intrinsic value of performance

that users can fully concentrate on through the reinvention of Pilates equipment.

Beyond good design, reinterpretation for the perfect design,

the standard of high-end Pilates equipment, .fonv


Work in Progress

"The initial impression of existing Pilates equipment felt like something from the medieval era." After seeing the existing products with our in-house designers, we were slightly shocked by our first impression of traditional Pilates equipment. It seemed more like consideration for the makers rather than for the users' health.

"The fonv team was very demanding, and we went through many hardships." Meeting the team's established principles and designing for various conveniences posed significant challenges for the developers. The dimension was the most crucial aspect we focused on. We have designed numerous exercise equipment, medical devices, and home appliances, but this Pilates equipment had too many considerations.

"It was a completely new experience." When I first encountered fonv products, I questioned if it was genuine fitness equipment due to their captivating design. As a Pilates instructor, usability testing was crucial for me as I teach others. fonv managed to capture both the interior design of the center and the usability as exercise equipment, achieving both goals.

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