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01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩(210601)-22.jpg
“Wool strap” with built-in high elasticity sponge
Soft texture, fonv wool strap with a sense of stability.

.fonv started by finding “small inconveniences”.

From instructors who are active in the field to users who have just encountered Pilates,

we have created exercise equipment that is considerate of people

by pointing out the risk factors and inconveniences one by one for various users.

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01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩-07.jpg
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01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩(210601)-23.jpg
A sense of stability, high elasticity sponge

The fonv wool strap has a built-in high-elastic sponge, not a regular sponge, to support your ankle tightly during exercise.

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매트, 캐딜락 운동과 함께 하는 아크

폰브 아크는 척추 스트레칭에 도움을 주어 복근 및 척추기립근 강화에 효과적입니다. 매트, 캐딜락 운동 시 아크를 활용하여 운동의 폭을 확장해보세요. 

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