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.fonv Professional Line


The beginning of a completely new Pilates equipment.

Worried that your members might get hurt?
Pilates is an exercise for better health,
but why do people keep getting hurt and uncomfortable?

.fonv started by finding “small inconveniences”.

From instructors who are active in the field to users who have just encountered Pilates,

we have created exercise equipment that is considerate of people

by pointing out the risk factors and inconveniences one by one for various users.

Good materials, safe structure, comfortable usability.

The Pilates equipment that’s considerate of people, designed after long consideration.

Use it comfortably without any difficulty. fonv will take care of your worries.

3D design considering safety with
all parts inside the equipment

.fonv uses steel to make a challenging 3D design approach possible. With 3D design, all parts such as brackets are put inside the mechanism, making it safe for people from parts protruding from the equipment :)

In addition, the parts installed inside the equipment can be used longer as they are prevented from shaking or deformation.


Reformer side handles unique to .fonv that meets basic functions and adds various uses.

Use the side handle on the side of .fonv's reformer to enjoy creative Pilates movements such as stretching and movements using straps. The safe rounded edges will help you avoid getting hurt or bruised from a bump.


자산 70.jpg
The headrest handle allows for convenient adjustment
even while lying down.

The handle attached to the bottom of the headrest can be conveniently adjusted in three steps even while lying down.

자산 71.jpg
Convenient rope length adjustment through
automatic rope gear!

Convenient rope length adjustment through automatic rope gear!

You can adjust the length of the rope on one side as well as on both sides by lifting the gear under the carriage shoulder.

자산 72.jpg

It is a special adjustment method unique to .fonv that is not found in any other equipment.

You can adjust the angle of the foot bar in 3 steps by raising the lever inside the platform.

.fonv's special footbar angle adjustment lever.
Adjustable foot straps that
look like they were tailored just for you.

.fonv didn't miss a detail. You can adjust the length of the strap to fit your foot size. In particular,

by using injection velcro, the fixing force is firm and safe.

01. 제품상세페이지_리포머(210521)-15.jpg

The Reformer's heavyweight and sturdy foot bar fixing mechanism ensures no shaking when using the jumping board.

Strong jumping board fixation with foot bar support.


자산 54_CORAL(컬러 명칭 수정).jpg
자산 56.jpg
대지 92.jpg

*There may be differences in color depending on the resolution of the monitor or mobile device and the model used.*




밸런싱 스틱 Balancing Stick (Stainless steel type) l 1pcs 
더블 스트랩 Double Strap l 1pair
이동식 스토퍼 Movable Stopper l 1pcs
스프링 Spring 5pcs (White1, Yellow1, Blue2, Red1)
스프링 홀더 Spring Holder 1pcs


점핑보드Jumping Board l 1pcs
박스 Box l 1pcs

스탠딩 플레이트 Standing Plate l 1pcs

01. 제품상세페이지_리포머-수정-02.jpg
< Size Check >

When installing the product, please ensure that there is enough space available for the product to be placed.

Please refer to the dimensions provided above.

*The instructions below are limited to purchases from the Korean head office.

Purchases from official agency distributors in countries other than

South Korea follow the respective distributor's sales regulations.

For detailed information, please check with the local retailer before purchasing.


1.What are the differences with metal equipment?

In Korea, many brands primarily manufacture wooden equipment. However, well-known international brands such as Merrithew, BBU, and Gratz produce equipment using metal frames. Wood is suitable for simple designs and can be used for furniture and household items, but it may not be suitable for complex designs. Metal frames, on the other hand, allow for 3D design capabilities similar to the automotive industry, offering durability, elegant designs, and the ability to create complex structures. Fonv utilizes metal frames and employs 3D design techniques to produce equipment with various convenient features, elegant designs, and to maintain the condition of the equipment over time.

2.Is the color paint on the equipment easily removed?

Fonv equipment is manufactured using powder coating, which is commonly used in industries such as metal furniture and fitness equipment. Therefore, under normal household use, the paint does not easily come off. In case of minor scratches, a paint kit will be provided to cover them up.

3.How long does the manufacturing process take?

All Fonv equipment is made to order, and the production time is approximately 6 weeks after contract and payment. For faster delivery options, please contact the Fonv customer center at 0507.1340.9828.

4.What is the warranty for after-sales service (AS)?

Fonv provides a one-year free AS period. If any issues occur within 2 months after installation, both the service visit fee and parts will be provided free of charge. After 2 months and within 1 year, the service visit fee will be charged, but the parts will still be provided free of charge. Normal wear and tear on leather, springs, straps, and other naturally occurring contaminants or deformations are not covered under the free AS.

5.How can I purchase consumables?

Consumables can be purchased through Fonv's Naver Smart Store or official website. Regarding the springs, the price may vary depending on the duration of equipment usage, so please inquire through the AS consultation chat on KakaoTalk (Fonv service channel).


Product repairs are conducted according to the following procedure:

Please capture a video of the faulty part of the product.

Add the

KakaoTalk channel


and send the video.

Fonv will issue a diagnostic report.

A repair technician will visit

within 1-3 days.

Repair completed!

The product warranty period is 1 year, and any necessary customer service within the warranty period will be provided free of charge. Any customer service required outside the warranty period will be subject to charges, including repair costs, parts costs, and service visit expenses. If the damage is caused by repairs or modifications made by other companies or unauthorized alterations, it will be subject to charges.

Exchange and Return Policy

Due to the nature of custom-made products, exchanges and returns based on customer's change of mind are not possible after product installation or delivery.

After product installation, please sign the agreement certificate regarding customer consent as follows:

Product Acceptance Confirmation: This certifies that the ordered product's quantity, color, and functionality have been inspected, and the product has been received without any issues.

If the delivered product is damaged, broken, or contaminated, the delivery engineer will confirm it and proceed with the collection on the same day, replacing the product.

When proceeding with same-day collection, please specify the details in the "Remarks" section of the Product Acceptance Confirmation.

Delivery Information

Please ensure that you confirm the dimensions of the installation and movement spaces before placing your order.

The delivery period usually takes more than 3 weeks after the order is placed. However, delivery may be delayed due to stock availability, high order volume, or unforeseen delivery issues. 

If you need to change the delivery date, please contact the customer center at least 2 days in advance of the originally scheduled delivery date (based on business hours).

If elevator usage is not possible or if the entrance is narrow and hinders the movement of the equipment, a ladder truck will be used, and the additional cost will be borne by the customer.

Please note that it is essential for customers to provide advance information about the delivery site, as it may not be possible to provide accurate guidance without prior knowledge.

When using a ladder truck, the process will be carried out in consultation with the customer after an on-site inspection. The customer can either arrange the service provider directly or let the delivery driver handle it.

Please make sure to prepare the designated space for the product installation in advance.

Orders placed on Fridays, weekends, and public holidays will be processed on the next business day morning.

All Fonv products are patented, and any infringement on the design may result in legal consequences. The images registered on the website are protected under Article 27 (Reproduction for private use) of the Copyright Act. Unauthorized use of the images without permission from the headquarters may lead to legal penalties.

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