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01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩(210601)-10.jpg
Careful consideration for users “Foot Strap”
Adjustable length strap / strong fixed injection Velcro

.fonv started by finding “small inconveniences”.

From instructors who are active in the field to users who have just encountered Pilates,

we have created exercise equipment that is considerate of people

by pointing out the risk factors and inconveniences one by one for various users.

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01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩(210601)-13.jpg
Adjustable foot straps that feel like they were tailored just for you

fonv didn't miss a detail. You can adjust the length of the strap to fit your foot size.

In particular, by using injection Velcro, the fixing force is strong and safe.

01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩(210601)-11.jpg
Strong fixing power, injection Velcro

Worried about the foot straps falling off? The fonv foot strap uses injection Velcro with strong fixing power, so there is no risk of the strap falling off. During the Reformer movement, the tensile force is directed upward, so it is more firmly fixed.

01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩(210601)-12.jpg
Foot strap loops for secure hold

On the side of the Reformer's platform is a hook for attaching the foot strap.

The screw fastening method makes it easy to replace.

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