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01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩(210601)-15.jpg
Cushion pad and non-slip pad “double strap”
Because the part where the hands and feet touch should be different.

.fonv started by finding “small inconveniences”.

From instructors who are active in the field to users who have just encountered Pilates,

we have created exercise equipment that is considerate of people

by pointing out the risk factors and inconveniences one by one for various users.

자산 62.jpg


01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩(210601)-20.jpg
Non-slip pads to prevent slipping

Non-slip pads are added to the inside of the strap to reduce the user's fear of slipping due to sweaty feet during exercise.

01. 제품상세페이지_스트랩(210601)-17.jpg

A cushion pad is added to the inner side of the double strap, which is where the hand touches,

to prevent users from straining their hands during exercise.

Soft touch cushion pad
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