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Functional two-way fabric

The hammock straps are made using functional fabrics.

The elastic fabric fits tightly to your body and is easy to wash and dry.


fonv's new concept strap

fonv researches the Cadillac wool strap. Meet the completely new hammock strap made after much consideration.

The elastic strap makes it easier to wear and wraps the body more gently.

The high-performance hammock strap uses functional fabric that allows you to fully support your posture.

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Compared to the wool strap, the Downsized volume, and the Increased comfort!

Special checkpoints of the fonv hammock straps

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A perfect fit that wraps around my body

The fonv hammock strap uses double special fabric to ensure stable use that fits your body.

Double-wrap the strap by hand for stability. Fully support your posture with a high-performance hammock strap.

210223_hammock strap_대지 1 사본 6.jpg
Easy-to-Use Strap Holder for Convenient Wear

Did you find it difficult to wear the bulky fur strap by yourself?

Try adjusting the holder of the strap for easy wearing with the help of a strap holder.

It shouldn't be hard to use. Give it a try for a convenient experience.

210223_hammock strap_대지 1 사본 6.jpg
Easy to clean, quickest dry

Unlike ordinary wool straps with built-in cushions,

the fonv hammock straps are made of functional sports fabric that are easy to clean and drys quickly.

It is made of a fabric with a high friction coefficient that can withstand frequent washing.

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210126_hammock strap_대지 1 사본.jpg
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