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Consideration for people

Focusing on invisible values

Pilates equipment that focuses on users

and finds solutions to familiar inconveniences


Focusing on invisible values

Completing the luxury

with Sand beige

Inspired by natural objects,

.fonv Sand beige enhances the atmosphere of

the space with the color's unique luxurious

feel as psychological comfort.


Focusing on invisible values

Chic and simple conveyed in Black

We find a trendy charm in classic black. The profound black allows for deep meditation

and refined movement.


Focusing on invisible values

Elegance in Coral

Coral color has its unique warmth that helps

relax the body and mind, while at the same

time adding vitality. 

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.Fonv Catalog

폰브의 7종의 필라테스 기구와 4개의 소도구의 정보를

한눈에 만나보세요.

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