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"Unlock Your Potential: Pilates on the Global Stage"

Fonv Pilates is a specialized education association that trains Pilates instructors to operate on a global stage. With our international-standard programs and teaching capabilities, we strive to maximize the potential of instructors, spreading the allure and effectiveness of Pilates worldwide. 

Together, we can build a successful career as Pilates instructors anywhere in the globe.

Dear Participants of Fonv Pilates Instructor Training Course,

We are delighted to warmly welcome you to the prestigious Fonv Pilates Instructor Training Course!


At Fonv Pilates, our mission is to provide opportunities for everyone to pursue mental and physical beauty through Pilates. Our instructor training course is based on the method developed by Joseph H. Pilates, the founder of Pilates,

incorporating the latest knowledge in physiology, anatomy, and muscle science to offer an advanced Pilates education. Moreover, we have a team of industry-leading instructors with practical experience, delivering tailored training sessions.


Through the Fonv Pilates Instructor Training Course, we hope you will acquire professional Pilates knowledge and grow as instructors who bring a healthy and joyful life to those eager to learn Pilates.


Thank you.

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Free 3-time live seminars
tailored to instructor trends and needs.

Since it's live, the content will be continuously upgraded.
You can learn the latest top trends in Pilates around the world.
An opportunity to communicate directly with renowned Pilates instructors in Korea.

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Fonv Pilates Certificate

fonv is a multifaceted organization that encompasses a pilates equipment brand, an exercise promotion initiative, and an education program for pilates instructors. The acronym fonv stands for "focusing on invisible values," indicating the organization's emphasis on holistic well-being beyond the physical aspects.

Meet The Team

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