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"Unlock Your Potential: Pilates on the Global Stage"

Fonv Pilates is a specialized education association that trains Pilates instructors to operate on a global stage.
With our international-standard programs and teaching capabilities, we strive to maximize the potential of instructors, spreading the allure and effectiveness of Pilates worldwide.

Together, we can build a successful career as Pilates instructors anywhere in the globe.

Dear Participants of Fonv Pilates Instructor Training Course,

We are delighted to warmly welcome you to the prestigious Fonv Pilates Instructor Training Course!


At Fonv Pilates, our mission is to provide opportunities for everyone to pursue mental and physical beauty through Pilates. Our instructor training course is based on the method developed by Joseph H. Pilates, the founder of Pilates,

incorporating the latest knowledge in physiology, anatomy, and muscle science to offer an advanced Pilates education. Moreover, we have a team of industry-leading instructors with practical experience, delivering tailored training sessions.


Through the Fonv Pilates Instructor Training Course, we hope you will acquire professional Pilates knowledge and grow as instructors who bring a healthy and joyful life to those eager to learn Pilates.


Thank you.

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The value of fonv Pilates
recognized by the world beyond Korea

The value of fonv Pilates recognized by the world beyond Korea

fonv's Pilates equipment, which opens the new era of the Pilates equipment,
is currently exported to various countries such as the United States,
Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe, as its functionality
and design are recognized not only at premium centers
in Korea but also internationally.

Free 3-time live seminars
tailored to instructor trends and needs.

Since it's live, the content will be continuously upgraded.
You can learn the latest top trends in Pilates around the world.
An opportunity to communicate directly with renowned Pilates instructors in Korea.

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Practice 24h

Training 100h

fonv Pilates
Essential Course


Theory 28h

Developing an education system
for proficient instructors with a strong foundation.

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Pre Course (4h)
- Orientation, level test

Theory of Kinematics (12h)
- Learn the structure of the human body.
Learn about the bones and muscles
that make up our body.

Seminar (12h)
- Hosted by fonv
Attend online and offline seminars



Mat  Pilates (20h)
- Mat training 

Equipment Pilates (52h)
- Reformer Cadillac Barrel Chair training

Lectures by Korean Instructors (12h)
- Mat/tool ​​detail cueing session

- 2 mini-tests
- Sequence writing report evaluation 
- 1 final evaluation



Cell-Group Training (16h)
-Each Mat / Reformer / Cadillac /
Chair / Barrel sessions, are followed
by 1 practice session

Teaching practice (8h)
- Participate as an assistant instructor
for the general public

- Observation of Pilates classes

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.fonv Pilates class schedule



Essential Courese

Korean Instructor Visit

Anatomy Theory

3 months / 13 weeks / 152 hours

3 months / 13 weeks / 152 hours




Detailed Cueing




Chair & Barrel


Mini Test

Mini Test



Cell-Group Training


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Fonv Pilates Certificate

fonv is a multifaceted organization that encompasses a pilates equipment brand, an exercise promotion initiative, and an education program for pilates instructors. The acronym fonv stands for "focusing on invisible values," indicating the organization's emphasis on holistic well-being beyond the physical aspects.

Meet The Team

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Lee, Eun-Jung / Headmaster Instructor

  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn

The American International School of Zurich, Switzerland
The Graduate School of Sangmyung University, Ph. D
Care Pilates Instructor Course Level 1, 2
Oriental Pilates Instructor Course Level 1, 2
Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Certificate Level 1
2023 World Sport Top Model Show 1st place in Pilates
2023 Pilates In Asia WSTMS Competition 1st place

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Kim, Bo-Ram  /  Master Instructor

  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn

7 years of physical therapist experience
Frozen Shoulder/Rehabilitation
Body Correction Specialist
Regular member of the Korean
Taping Physical Therapy Association

지현진님 누끼.jpg

Ji, Hyun-jin  /  Master Instructor

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Representative of Jin Pilates South Korea
Associate Prof of Hanyang Univ
Cha University of Medicine Msc Athlete training  

23-06-17_3547 _누끼.jpg

Atda  /  Master Instructor

  • Facebook
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3 million subscribers youtuber
7 years of Pilates experience
500+ Instructors Created

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Ko, Da-Young  /  Master Instructor

  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn

International Pilates Training Association

Pilates Instructor MAT/RCCB
heymama prenatal and postnatal professional qualifications
2022 Narande Fitness Championship

Monokini Short 1st Place

자산 14_2x.png

Jo, You-Kyoung  /  Master Instructor

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Representative of Acropilates
Author of "Home after work"
Instructor of "Core and Body"

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